Monday, August 31, 2009

darling Isabella...Bless your *sweet* heart!

Princess Bella had another doctor appointment today. I swear this child has been to the doctor 5 times (not including wellness visits) since she was born. It just seems to be one thing after the other. This doctor's appointment (which the nurse said I should come in for, though I think this could have been settled over the phone) was because Bella has been arching back and letting out a cry in the middle of me nursing her. Even after a burp, she continues to do so. As a result, I started trying to give her the bottle more. That didn't work. She just did the same thing. The doctor said it was probably just reflux and she perscribed me some medicine to help the "burning" that results from the reflux. Hopefully after a few days, I will see an improvement. I also let Dr. Garrett know that I still occasionally see spots in Bella's stool. She told me to bring in the next dirty diaper that she has for testing to see if it is in fact blood. She also perscribed me some eye drops for Bella's clogged tear ducts. They are much better than they were before, but have recently started getting goopy again. As a result, the poor child has watery eyes ALL the time. I think, however, that she has allergies and that this is also contributing to the watery eyes. Thankfully, all of these things are minor, with the exception of the blood (if that's what it really is). Although I started to introduce foods that contained soy back into my diet, I am eliminating them once more until the blood in her stool (or whatever it is) goes away. It's back to fresh fruits and veggies and meats for me!! As a bread and cheese lover, this is torture! :)

Miss Bella is now 11 lbs 6 oz. She is gaining weight, smiling, and cooing up a storm! I am very grateful for this! She is such a sweet baby. Her smile is addicting and her sweet coos light up my life!

Cute sidenote: On the way home from the doctor appointment, A Cobblestone Mills truck pulls up and is riding along side our car. The truck is on Ava's side and she is in awe of how big the loaf of bread and sandwich are pictured on the side. After a minute or two, our lane comes to a stop and the truck passes. Ava shouts "MOMMY!!!!! go! peas! hurry!" The animation coupled with these words make this such a hilariously sweet moment. Oh Ava... you're mommy's precious big girl!

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