Saturday, August 15, 2009

{getting into the *swing* of things}

I wouldn't say Isabella is a super difficult baby, but there were a few weeks where I didn't know how on earth I was supposed to handle both girls. Bella just was not content. She seemed to always be uncomfortable and wanted me to hold her ALL the time. Do not mistake this as me complaing. I adore holding that precious baby girl, but the reality of my world is that there's another precious "big girl" that needs me too and without daddy here to help I have to stretch myself accordingly. It became a struggle to keep them both content. Bella hated her swing and needed a new position other than laying in her bassinet all the time while I tended to Miss Ava. Just when I was about to give up on the swing..... I went over to my mom's house for dinner. She had the boppy travel swing that I bought for Ava when she was little. We traveled so much that there was no need for a full size swing. I decided to put Bella in it so I could spend some time with Ava. She didn't scream, which was a good sign! After about 10 minutes, I check on her because she still wasn't making a sound. To my surprise, my darling baby was SLEEPING in the swing. I couldn't believe it. This may seem silly to some, but for Isabella Faith this is HUGE! The longest she's gone is 5 minutes in her swing before crying. To fall asleep and stay asleep was such a big deal. Now that she's gotten into *the swing of things* our daily routine will go much smoother. Thank You, Lord!

Happy little camper!

Smiles & all

Sweet Success!

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