Tuesday, September 8, 2009

{{sweet giggles}}

Princess Bella gave me a big giggle for the first time today. She'd been on the verge of one for the past couple of days && today I finally succeeded. I was holding her up under her armpits and gently bouncing her up and down saying "hi, hi, hi!" in a silly voice. She thought I was hilarious (she'd be the only one to think so, I'm positive). As soon as I got one (a giggle), I kept going. It was the most darling thing ever! I was really surprised I got one from her. I didn't think she would giggle any time soon as Ava wouldn't giggle for me until she was closer to 6 months old (or maybe older?). I was so worried that something was wrong with her && that she would never laugh. Needless to say, ALL babies are different and I'm glad she is. Bella has proven to be my very happy, smiling, GIGGLING baby girl & I'm so in love with that fact! :)

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