Thursday, August 20, 2009

2 months old..really?!

Isabella Faith is 2 months old today! I cannot believe it! I just look at her and thank God for this precious gift! I'm so incredibly thankful that He has entrusted his daughters to me! Boy, does she look like her daddy! I wanted her to look just like him.. and here she is! We can't tell exactly what color her eyes are yet, but I'm thinking they will be brown. I don't believe they will be blue like Ava's. Only time will tell.. She is getting really good at holding her head up. We don't do tummy time though because she HATES it. She screams and kicks her legs. Our version of tummy time is just me holding her upright and letting her strengthen her neck muscles that way. She's sleeping pretty well at night right now. She sleeps anywhere from 4-6 hours at night before waking up for her first feeding. Lately it's been 5-6 hours. I enjoy the sleep! After that first night feeding, she wakes up every 3 hours to eat. She also smiles & coos now. It's the most adorable thing to see! She will let out a screaming cry when I put her down sometimes (to clean/tend to Ava). As soon as I walk back over to her and ask her what's wrong she immediately stops, gives me a HUGE grin, and starts to coo. While I don't believe that babies can be spoiled this young, I am almost positive Princess Bella is wrapping me around her little finger!
Ava is the world's sweetest big sister. She always wants to give her little sister kisses on her head, feet, anywhere she can reach. She talks to Bella and gets so excited when Bella coos at her. The look on Ava's face is priceless. The other day I was nursing Bella and Ava shouts "Bella, watch me!" I look up to find Ava on the steps of her slide waiting for me to hold Bella up to watch her go down. Moments like that really melt my heart. Anytime we go somewhere, I usually put Ava in the car first. She throws a fit because she wants "Bella come." I've now had to start putting Bella in the car first. If Bella cries, Ava says "shh" trying to help her calm down and alerts me seconds after the paci falls from Bella's mouth. There are so many adorable moments in this family, I cannot even explain :)

Bella's 2 month well baby check up is tomorrow. I'm super excited to see how much she weighs. Last appt we took her to (about 2 weeks ago) she weighed 10 lbs 6 oz. That's the exact amount Ava weighed at her 2month check up. She's been 75th percentile for weight and 90th for height thus far. I will update you on her stats after our appt tomorrow. Bella will also receive her first set of the dreaded vaccinations tomorrow. I'm using an alternate schedule with my girls so she'll only get 2 of the 4 and won't get the oral. I am also going to discuss supplementing with formula. I've really been hesitant to introduce it as I wanted to breastfeed exclusively for the first 6 months at least (if not longer). However, Bella is acting unsatisfied after her feedings. I plan on nursing her in the morning and at night and giving her formula during the day and for her last feeding before bed. I am hoping this solves her unsatifaction as I do not want her to be hungry no matter how bad I want to exclusively breastfeed.

While these last two months have been a challenge, I am so grateful for each and every opportunity to learn and grow from these two little girls. I've wanted to be a mom ever since I can remember and I will tell you that motherhood is even better than I'd imagined!

Here are some pictures of my princess!

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  1. She sure is precious - and does look just like her daddy :) Can't wait to meet her & Ava!